Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Julia's Gift to Me

AWWWW isn't she sweet! This was what Julia Sager gave me as a gift when I arrived here in San Antonio, Texas last night. Yes, you know the Simply Sent Create & Keep box in the new mini. Well, she created all the cards and the file dividers and it was laying on my bed when I got to our room.  I know can you believe it! What a sweetheart! It is so stinkin' cute and so nice of her. Well, I stamped my Make and Takes with her today and she is so speedy so this project she probably whipped it up in twenty minutes! No, I am just kidding, I am so honored to have her as a roommate and I love the gift! 

So, I need to get to bed but wanted to share this gift my great friend gave me!  I feel so blessed to have such good friends and work for this great company of Stampin' UP!     Thanks for stopping by now! More later! Hugs,Bev 

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