Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Story

This is my story.....I had never even heard about Stampin' UP! until almost 17 years ago when a girlfriend of mine asked me to come along with her to a stamp show. Now I thought to myself "how boring a stamp show????? I went along because that is just the way I am. I keep my word....... most of the time. I went along and was so surprised. Stampin' UP! What a blast I had! We had so much fun and we made the cutest cards. I came home so excited with the cards I made and I bought enough materials to make more. back then it was foam stamps and a real different catalog than what we have today. I loved it and booked a show myself as I surely wanted to get all the free stuff the hostess gets. I had about 15 friends at my house for my workshop. It was so fun and I was so pumped and excited with my show sales. The next day I had to leave to do training in Los Alamos NM as I was working for the telephone company then. My demonstrator helped me close the show and talked to me about being a SU demonstrator. I told her I would think about selling as I really liked the idea of making money by doing such a fun thing. My demonstrator told me she would give me my first workshop which was my party so I discussed it with my then husband and he said go for it. I figured I had all those friends come over to my party they could be my first hostesses. That was all she wrote.... I showed my catalog and cards I had stamped to these new people I met in Los Alamos and they are still my customers and friends today. I love the lifelong realationships I have made over the years and getting the discounts on my own purchases and being able to see the sneek peak stuff when it first comes out is exciting also. I love all the wonderful publications Stampin' Up! sends us with card and scrapbook samples and great business tips on how to run my business and stories of other demonstrators stories that give me great ideas for my workshops. I was a hobby demonstrator for a long time and happy with that as I have met lots of lifelong friends. Then I realized I could really make money and help pay off the credit card bills and help out financially doing and sharing what I really love doing. The sky is the limit on how much you can earn and my goals are different  now as I am going to earn the free trips so Mike and I can travel ... I am truly doing what I love by sharing the Stampin' UP! products. Stampin' UP! is the best crafting company in the world. I have seen a lot of changes from when I started and this company is going strong and I am confidant it is going in the right direction.With the new Stampin' Connection that we have for us demonstrators, we have a wonderful tool and the company support for us is amazing. I simply and honestly love what I do.
What is your Stampin' Up! story going to be? 
Would you like to have fun and make more lifelong friends like I have done by doing what you love?
Would you like to help with the family finances with extra income you earn doing what you love?  Travel maybe?
What is holding you back from becoming a Stampin' UP demonstrator? I can help answer any questions or concerns you might have.

"My Why" for being a SU demonstrator......
I want to be successful in my SU business and make more money to help contribute to get our bills paid off and earn the trips I can earn. I simply love the company I work for and I feel so blessed with having my lifelong friends I have made throughout the years by sharing what I love to do.

Have you ever thought of signing up to be a SU demonstrator? I would be happy to discuss any questions or concerns you might have with you.


  1. Hi, Bev! Thank you for visiting my blog. I haven't update it since last fall, so your comment was a treat. We live in the Twin Cities area. It's good to hear from another Minnesotan. I haven't been to Bemidji in years, but I remember it being a lovely part of our state. May the Lord bless you, too, in your business, in your family, and every area of your life...Karen

  2. Well, look at you! With your Recruit Crew homework and all of your new followers! Not to mention all of the new little buttons you've put on your site! Great job! :)

    Your stampin' friend,



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