Saturday, May 31, 2014

A couple of cards for you

I know it has been a long time but I have been busy in my yard trying to get it the way I want. Busy busy! I rarely stamp but once in a while you will find me in my stamp room.
So with no details about the name of sets since I honestly can't remember. LOL!

This was for my wonderful God Son/Nephew graduated from College this Spring and this was his card.
I used all Stampin' UP! products.

Now, here is a card for his parents(my sister and husband) for their anniversary. I sort of used the same layout.  Again using all Stampin' UP! products.
 I hope you enjoyed the cards. See you in another month or so. LOL! Back to the yard!'
Thanks for stopping by, Bev

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  1. Cute! I especially liked the layout with the flowers - that layout was just great with the busy-ness of the flowers. So good to see something from you again!!


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