Friday, May 13, 2011

Back in the USSR!!!!!! Back in the USSR!!!!

Okay not really I am back in Davenport IA for my brother's funeral and wow was he loved by many people!!!! There must have been almost 300 people coming through the funeral home. I flew this time instead of driving 12 hours and that was so nice. I will miss Charlie so much as he had such a zest for life.  The blessing of coming back here to Davenport is getting to attend my niece's Haley college graduation. YAY! I am busy baking cookies and making potato salad for the big celebration!I was supposed to have a SU workshop on the 14th but now my recruit and friend Bonnie will do my workshop for me. I will post the card she will do. It was a J fold card and so cute. Have a great day and tonight I am going to relax with my Mom and sister Jan and watch a movie and eat chicken enchiladas that I made the last time I was here. Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed life and remember to live life to the fullest. Never know when life will come to an end! God Bless,Bev

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  1. So sorry to hear that Charlie has passed away Bev. It sounds like his spirit and zest for life will live on though in his friends and family who loved him so much. Thanks for the reminder to live's so important not to take it for granted. Enjoy your family togetherness.


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